Education and Work Experience

Research Interests

  • Nonrigid Surface Tracking
  • Multiple Sensing Imaging
  • Facial Expression Perception and Transferring

Research Projects

  • Dense Nonrigid Surface Tracking in Long Term
  • Multiple Sensing Imaging via Rich Information Channels
  • Biologically Visual Perception with Deep Belief Networks


Wenbin Li
Final Year Doctoral Candidate
Bath BA2 7AY, UK
Mr. Wenbin Li


I have joined PRISM@UCL in Nov. 2013 as a Postdoctoral Researcher.

Wenbin Li /'wənbɪn.'lɪ/ (李文彬) is currently a doctoral candidate in Media Technology Research Centre of Department of Computer Science, University of Bath, supervised by Dr Darren Cosker and holding the CDE scholarship. His educational background is primarily in computer science and mathematics, with a specific formal background in data analysis and mining. He holds MSc degree in Computing Science from Imperial College London and BEng degree in Software Engineering from Xidian University, China.

A few of his favorite things:

  • Computer games in particular the fantastic products of Blizzard
  • Football & basketball games, both playing and watching
  • Amazing creativity of Apple Inc.
  • Chelsea FC.
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