NEWS: I have joined ISST@Imperial College London in Oct. 2014 as a PostDoc Researcher.
NEWS: Our work is accepted by ICS-CSR'15.
NEWS: Our work is accepted by ICLP'15.
NEWS: Our work is accepted as a full paper by AAMAS'15.

Tingting Li (李婷婷) is currently a doctoral candidate in Intelligent Systems Group of Department of Computer Science, University of Bath, supervised by Dr. Julian Padget and Dr. Marina De Vos. She is holding the overseas research scholarship provided by University of Bath. Her educational background is primarily in information theory and computer science. Prior to the PhD study, she got MSc degree in Computing Science from Imperial College London and BEng degree in Information Security from Xidian University, China.

Research Interests

PhD Research

Institutions (also called normative frameworks) provide an effective mechanism to govern agents in open distributed systems. An institution specifies a set of norms, with respect to the achievement of a goal or goals, that regulate agents' behaviours in terms of permissions, empowerments and obligations. However, in most real circumstances, several institutions probably have to cooperate to govern the same entities simultaneously, which is very likely to give rise to norm conflicts simply if institutions are designed independently and typically with different goals. In the thesis, I aim


Professional Activities