Qi Wu is currently a doctoral candidate in Media Technology Research Centre of Department of Computer Science, University of Bath, supervised by Dr. Peter Hall and Prof. Phil Willis. His educational background is primarily in computer science and mathematics. He holds MSc degree in Global Computing & Media Technology from University of Bath and BEng degree in Information and Computing Science from China Jiliang University, China.

He explores Computer Vision algorithm for modeling visual objects regardless of depictive styles. The goal is to develop a model for visual object classes that is learnable and which is able to classify over a broad range of depictive styles, such as oil paintings, drawings and photographs. He is particularly interested in using simple shapes and a graph model to describe objects. He is also keen on studying deep feature problems.

Research Interests:

  • Shape Understanding & Matching
  • Object Detection & Classification
  • Cross-domain Image Matching
  • Non-photorealistic Rendering