OAK: Outdoor Asset Capture


The Project

University of Bath and University College London are engaged in joint research designed to address the problem of acquiring three dimensional models of outdoor environments and objects, including urban, semi-urban, and natural environments. The research is aimed at the basic needed of the creative sector.

The aim is to acquire outdoor assets at a range of scales from a few millimetres through to kilometres. We expect to acquire models of details (moss, bark), of complex dynamic phenomena (trees, fire, smoke), of buildings and street furniture, and of large scale landscapes. To make acquisition easy for users will develop smart capture and recognition technologies. To make models usable with the creative sector we will develop integration technologies that unify all aspects of the project via high level, coherent user control.

Six industrial leaders covering games, films, and broadcast, are involved through an industrial advisory panel. Their role is to help us maintain industrial relevance without restricting academic research. Specific industry focussed projects are expected to spin-off via the Engineering Doctoral Schools at both Bath and UCL.

The project is EPRSC funded: Acquiring Complete and Editable Outdoor Models from Video and Images, /K015966/1

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Smart Capture of
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The OAK data flow