Natural Phenomena


Modelling natural phenomena such as trees, water, fire, smoke is a time consuming a difficult talk for the creative industries. This unit adopts the view that three dimensional, dynamic, and editable models of such phenomena should be acquired directly from video footage of the real thing. The unit is led by  Dr Peter Hall (University of Bath). A key challenge will be how to maintain direct editability of the models, and produce new instances under the direction of a user from one of the creative industries.

Water: We can acquire models of patches of water from real video, including a dynamic height field and velocity field. The patches can then be modified and fused to make new objects such as fountains, with no physical simulation at all.../Natural_Phenom/Water.html
Trees: We can acquire 3D dynamic models of trees in real world video. We can use these to clone new individual trees, the also move. These can be grown into any shape, such as a vase, be blown under a strong wind, and even made to dance to music.../Natural_Phenom/Trees.html