The  Acquisition, modelling and editing of landscapes and other large scale assets is a major plank of the OAK project.  This unit is led of Dr Tim Weyrich (University College London) and aims at extracting and learning characteristic properties of real landscapes from ground-based and aerial images, devising a procedural landscape generation system that creates virtual landscapes and ecosystems that mimic the acquired landscape. A key challenge will be how to maintain direct editability of the procedurally generated output, for use in a content creation pipeline. The work will straddle aspects of computer vision, computer graphics and machine learning.

PDRA Vacancy

This unit is recruiting a post-doctoral researcher.

High quality candidates with a demonstrable record of achievement in at lest one of Computer Graphics, Machine Learning, Computer Vision encouraged to submit an application.

In your application, you may wish to provide support in the form of previous publications, and a little commentary explaining why the background is relevant.

Interested parties may contact Dr Tim Weyrich ( for an informal discussion before applying. Formal applications must be made through the UCL official website.