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  Volume Animation
  This project is joint with Professor Min Chen and Dr Mark Jones at the University of Swansea. It ran December 2003-2006.
Picture of Peiyi Shen Picture of Phil Willis
Dr Peiyi Shen Phil Willis
  Research Results
  We have achieved a combination of image-based texture mapping and projective space (pseudo-solid) texture. This image-based texture mapping is useful for objects defined from volume datasets. We have also presented an approach to texture mapping volume datasets based on multiple semantic constraints. The approach is based on continuous space mappings to ensure good image quality. It requires only one intervention by the user, to determine key points where the texture must match an intermediate image of the original data. This can also be used to avoid the problem of texture being smeared over too large an area.

Dr Peiyi Shen prepared his second PhD thesis, arising from this work. It was successfully examined in 2007.

The papers are available from our Departmental publications database.

  • Manipulating, Deforming and Animating Sampled Object Representations, (2007), M. Chen, C Correa, S Islam, M. W. Jones, P-Y. Shen, D. Silver, S. J. Walton and P. J. Willis. Computer Graphics Forum (accepted).
  • Texture for volume character animation, (2005, November), P. J. Willis and P.Y. Shen. In ACM SIGGRAPH GRAPHITE 2005. pp. 255-264, 461.(1-59593-201-1)
  • Deforming and Animating Discretely Sampled Object Representations, (2005, August) P.Y. Shen , P. J. Willis , M. Chen, C Correa, S Islam, M. W. Jones, D Silver and S. J. Walton. In Eurographics 2005. pp. 113-140. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Texture Mapping Volume Objects, (2005, July), P.Y. Shen and P. J. Willis. In Int. Proc. of Vision, Video and Graphics. Vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 45--52. Edinburgh (3-905673-57-6).
  • Our presentation at ACM Graphite 05
  • Our movies from ACM Graphite 05:
    movie 1: fully-textured layers, varying transparency
    movie 2: same approach, emphasising inner detail
The project concerns new ways of texturing volume data.
  Funding Agency
  The work is funded by EPSRC.
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