Media Technology
Research Centre
  Graphics Publications 1995-1999
  • Computer Animation and Human Animators
    Philip Willis
    Proceedings of the Winter School of
    Computer Graphics and Visualisation `95
    (Edited by Vaclav Skala)
    University of West Bohemia, February 14-18th, 1995.
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  • The Animachine Renderer
    Philip Willis and Tom Nettleship
    Computer Animation `95, Geneva,
    Conference Proceedings (IEEE May 1995)
    pp. 90-97; colour plates p. 212.
    ISBN 0-8186-7062-2
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  • Colouration Issues in Computer Generated Facial Animation
    Manjula Patel
    Computer Graphics Forum 14(2), June 1995, pp. 117-126.
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  • Computer Assisted Animation: 2D or not 2D?
    John Patterson (University of Glasgow) and Philip Willis
    Computer Journal 37 10 (1995) pp. 829-839.
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  • A Virtual Factory
    A Bowyer, R Taylor, G Bayliss, P Willis,
    International Journal of Shape Modeling,
    Vol. 2, No. 4 (1996), pp. 215-226.
    ISBN 0218-6543
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  • Emotional Posturing: A Method Towards Achieving Emotional Figure Animation
    Daniel J Densley and Philip Willis
    Computer Animation `97, Geneva,
    Conference Proceedings (IEEE June 1997)
    pp. 8-14.
    ISBN 0-8186-7984-0
  • Collaborative Animation over the Network
    F Faure, C Faisstnauer, G Hesina, A. Aubel, J.-C. Nebel, J-D Gascuel, F Labrosse
    Computer Animation 99
    ISBN 0-8186-7062-2
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  • An Efficient 2.5D Rendering and Compositing System
    Max Froumentin and Philip Willis
    Computer Graphics Forum 18 (3) 1999
    Eurographics 99 Conference issue
    pp C385-C394 and C428
    ISSN 0167-7055
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