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  Graphics, Animation and Virtual Reality
  We are interested in applications of graphics to animation and film, especially in regard to high-quality rendering, image representation and non-photorealistic rendering. We also try to bring greater physical realism to games, so that the user can manipulate the virtual world and see it behave like the real one.
  What we are doing
  Animation and Modelling     Giving 2D animation to animators
  Digital Image Compositing     New ways to combine images
  Volume Animation     Animating captured data
  Virtual Humans     Putting dynamic emotions into game characters
  Virtual Physics     Putting real physics into games and VR
  What we have done
  Industrial influence     Companies and products
Platform for Animation and VR     EU Labs join forces
25 Year Celebration Conference     25 Years of Graphics at Bath
Quasi-3D Rendering    Mesh image animation in nearly-3d
Comic Strip Rendering     Real movies; Cartoon style
Shrink to Fit     Representing movies with vectors
Virtual Manufacturing     CAD in VR
MTRC Graphics Gallery     Pictures and movies
How we invented the web!     Well before CERN ...
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