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  MTRC Gallery: Pictures

  • The ANIMACHINE Project
    These pictures illustrate the rendering aspects of our Animachine animation project. The renderer is a scanline renderer, closely matched to the needs of cel animation. It permits multiple cels to be overlayed, each illuminated independently at front and rear. A full lighting and colour model is included. The shapes making up the characters are described as curves, independently of the resolution eventually required. The renderer is capable of achieving full colour at greater than film resolution, and anti-aliasing is supported too.

  • The FACES Project
    In everyday interactions with one another we use the face for recognising people and for communicating with them. Our interests are in the visual presentation of emotion, including both the correct colouration and the correctional cues. of the colouration of the face, was for a long time neglected. The aim is to enhance communication during facial expression and animation.

    Virtual Manufacturing is the use of a desk-top virtual reality system for the computer-aided design of components and processes for manufacture. It offers unrivalled scope for creating and viewing three-dimensional engineering models, later to be passed to numerically-controlled machines for real manufacturing. The VMAN project was the first to demonstrate the complete process.

  • The PERQ High Resolution Paint Program
    Archive images from way-back.