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  MTRC Gallery: Pictures from the PERQ Paint Program Project
  These pictures were produced on our first high-definition paint program, written for the Perq workstation when it first arrived in the UK. The follow-up to this was UltraPaint, a fully pixel independent colour paint program which achieved 32k by 32k images in 1985, when a 1k by 1k screen was considered the state-of-the-art. The principles developed have since become standard in many commercial packages.

The pictures were painted by Roger Bedding and were retrieved from an ancient disk by the author of the Perq paint program, John Hanson. Special thanks to both of them.

The above image was used for the University's 1983 Postgraduate prospectus.

The above image was commissioned by ICL to advertise the Perq. It appeared in a number of their leaflets and on a poster.