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Advanced Computer Graphics

Welcome to the Advanced Computer Graphics unit, which is a final year unit in the the BSc programmes. This document provides all the material to go with the Unit, so you might like to add this page to your browser favourites/bookmarks.

There will be assessment consisting of coursework during the semester (25% of the total assessment score) and a written examination in the normal exam period at the end (75%). Follow the index to find the Assignment for this year's assessed coursework. It is presented as a self-contained document in case you want to print it out or save it. You may start the Assignment as soon as you wish. There is a deadline for submitting your work, which you do by emailing me the URL of the finished web document.

Use the index at the left to reach the components of this site. The "Start" entry always brings you back to this page.

The notes were originally developed by me, with various updates and many diagrams from Russel Bradford. I have been updating them ever since.

The lecture notes provided here are pretty complete. If you want a book, there are now quite a few (mainly from Addison Wesley) though none are especially cheap. A good general choice is:
3D Computer Graphics (3rd edition)
Alan Watt
Addison Wesley
42.99 on Amazon: should be some in Waterstones too.
ISBN 0201 398 559

Some assistance with the relevant mathematics.

Departmental searchable publications database.

Here is some recommended supporting material.

Powerpoint supporting Chapter 8

Some past exam papers with outline solutions included. Note: The Library offers exam papers on-line: please see my Unit Notes page for the link.

Enjoy the unit!

Philip Willis