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FAQs for the Digital Media Assignment 2008

I will add any topics emailed to be, which seem of general interest, without naming the sender.
  • Can I use copyright material, such as CD audio tracks? As this is strictly for educational use, yes, but you must still acknowledge the copyright holder in your write-up and also make completely clear which parts are not your own work.
  • Do you want the Word write-up as a paper document? No, it can go on the disk with everything else.
  • What else do I put on the CD that I submit? I need to run your presentation to mark it. So that requires a Director Projector file at the top level. I'd also like a folder containing your Director ("Movie") file and the resources it uses. This won't be marked but is only there in case of problems with the Projector file and as a record of your work.
  • Are there any specific features of Director that you expect us to use? No, this is not an exercise in showing off your technical skills with a software package. The aim is to show that you can use the medium itself - an interactive, stand-alone presentation - to good effect. Think about your topic and how to get it across in the short period of time available. Then decide which features best help you in doing that.
  • Should we use only media taken from the web? You may use source material from anywhere but be careful to acknowledge where it came from. But "All text and the presentation itself must be your own work."
  • You have asked us to describe something that we like about a town of our choice. Could we show many places in a town or just one? Either, depending on what you like about the town. For example, if you like the architecture, you might show various buildings around the town. If you like a special park, maybe all pictures will be from that one place.
  • Can I use a more recent variant of Director? I have to use the variant provided in the Lab, to be fair to everyone. It is safe only for you to use the version in the Lab because later versions have different features.
  • Why don't you update the Lab to a more recent Director? We have the most recent version which was available at a special rate for UK Universities. Later versions cost the full commercial rate and have to be installed on each PC, instead of being downloadable from the BUCS server. The full price for the current Director would add very significantly to the fee we charge for the MSc ... and we don't think the difference justifies it.