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Digital Media Assignment 2009

This assignment is worth 25% of the unit mark. The remaining 75% comes from the end of semester written examinations.

Due by: Tuesday April 7th 2009, by mid-day.

Submit a CD disk, in a sealed envelope. Make sure the disk and envelope have your name and your BUCS login name clearly marked. The envelope should also show my name (Professor Phil Willis) and the Unit code and name (CM40198 Digital Media). The envelope should be posted in the unit box, marked for CM40198, near the Computer Science Department Office.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is required

Prepare a Director presentation which describes something that you like about something you enjoy: an activity, a hobby etc. The idea is to chose something for which you have enthusiasm and then to try to convey that through the presentation. You may use images and/or sounds taken from the web but the copyright owners or original web site must be listed in your write-up, as described below, so it is clear they are not your own. All text and the presentation itself must be your own work.

Prepare a Word document which describes the approach you took in planning the presentation and what you hope it conveys. There will be 8 marks available for this. Better marks will go to those who are clearer about what they want to convey and how the organisation of the presentation reflects that. You should also describe what you think are the important features of your presentation: these will be used to guide the marker. List the media and file formats you have used: text, images, movies, animations, sound (this is only in case there are technical problems when the marker views your presentation). You should write no more than two pages for these two sections. In addition, on a separate page at the end, list all sources of the media that you used, providing live web links where appropriate.

There are 17 marks for the presentation itself. You will receive credit for the match between your stated aspirations and the presentation; for the effective use of the medium and of the time available for the presentation; and for good use of Director's features. There is no benefit in using advanced Director features, it is the use of appropriate features which matters. There is no need to prepare a long presentation nor should you try to give a full picture of the chosen town. Typical presentations will be roughly one minute long, absolute maximum of two minutes.

Available help

It is strongly recommended that you work through the Director exercise available on my web page; and that you do this soon in order to familiarise yourself with how Director works.

The MSc laboratory PCs have disk writers. There are copies of the Director handbook in the MSc laboratory. Please do not take them out of the room as they are for everyone's benefit as reference books.