Answer Set Solvers

Answer set solvers are tools that compute the answer sets of a logic program.


Smodels-IE is a modified version of smodels that make better use of the processor's cache and is thus faster in many cases. It is available in two versions, the patched version which should be source code compatable with the original (or at least easily integrated) and the standalone version which should provide a consistant interface with the smodels binary, but is not (necessarily) source compatable. Both are based on smodels 2.32 but patches against versions of smodels from 2.28 onwards are also available on request. For the best performance, the build options need to be matched to the exact target processor, see arch.h for more details.


IDEAS is an interactive system that allows a user to both edit and compute the answer sets of a logic program. Answer sets are updated incrementally as the program is changed. A preliminary version is available here.


OCT is an OCLP (Ordered Choice Logic Program) front end to an answer set solver. Hopefully I will one day have time to get the code into a release ready state, however until then, one of the early drafts can be found here: