I have a new job at Coventry University. Please see my new website at: computing.coventry.ac.uk/~mengland.

Dr. Matthew England

Research Officer

Department of Computer Science
University of Bath

I am a mathematician in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bath. I am the Research Officer for the EPSRC funded project Real Geometry and Connectedness via Triangular Description.

My current work is in the area of Computer Algebra / Symbolic Computation. In particular, Cylindrical algebraic decompositions and connectivity.

I also have research interests in Integrable Systems / Mathematical Physics. In particular the topic of Abelian functions associated with algebraic curves.

Contact Information:
Department of Computer Science,
University of Bath,
Bath, BA2 7AY, UK
Email: M.England@bath.ac.uk

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Latest News

From April 2015 I will be a lecturer at Coventry University. A new website is now available at computing.coventry.ac.uk/mengland.

I have been appointed as the Information Director of SIGSAM.

ISSAC 2015 will be held in Bath. I am a local organiser, Webmaster and Exhibitors Chair.

I am on the PC for CICM 2015 (Systems and Data Track).

Dr. Matthew England