CM10134 - CM50147: Programming 1

Academic year 2004-2005


  • Unit Lecturer: Dr. Marina De Vos

  • Unit Tutors:

    • Andy Carnell
    • Tom Crick
    • Adam Dziedzic
    • Carl O'Dwyer
    • Martin Owen
    • Yi Song
    • Mark Wood



  • This is general mailing list for this unit. Everybody will be on it. Please send me an email if you want to be included.
    This list can be used for general purpose questions regarding this unit.

  • This mailing list can be used to only contact the tutors/leturer of this unit.
    This list should be used to submit lab sheets in case you could not attend the lab due to illness or other mitigating circumstances. Furthermore, more specific questions regarding courseworks can be posted on this list.


  • Exam: Answer three question out five (four for the Msc Student) on the more theoretical issues of programming
  • Coursework: Write four medium sized programs in an object oriented way using the design methods we discussed in the lectures
In order to be allowed to sit the exam and to be marked for the coursework 7 exercise sheets have to be satisfactory completed. Checking the lab sheets will be done by your peers during the lab of the following week. Therefore, in order to have you labs checked you should attend the labs.

Your lab status can be checked here.


Below you can find the transparancies of the lectures.


Below you can access the exercises for the lab session. Remember you have to complete 7 of them successfully in order to sit the exam and to obtain marks for the coursework.


For both CM10134 and CM50147 the coursework consists of four questions. It is strongly advised that you try all four of them if you want to obtain a pass mark for this component.