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CM30076 / CM30082
Individual Project

Project Ideas

Ideas from the Department of Mathematical Sciences

These projects are only for students from the Department of Mathematical Sciences who are studying the CM30076/CM30082 units.

Students from the Department of Mathematical Sciences should contact Dr Keith Walton (until 14th August, Dr Martin Reed thereafter) if they wish to undertake a Computer Science project with particular application to Mathematics other than those listed below. Dr Walton or Dr Reed will help to put you in contact with appropriate lecture staff.

Evolutionary Computation for Biological Sequence Alignment
Use of evolutionary computing techniques (genetic algorithms, ant colony optimisation) to perform biological sequence alignment. I have already written a GA for this in JavaScript; it runs over the Web at http://people.brunel.ac.uk/~blstmbr/bioinf
Evolutionary Computation using L-BFGS
Development of an algorithm combining evol comp (genetic algs, particle swarm optimisation) with a limited-memory quasi-Newton method L-BFGS, for large-scale function optimisation.