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Welcome to the preparation website for the units CM10134 - CM10147 or in more language terms Java Programming I. The aim of this short introductory session is to give you an idea of what we will be doing and using in this unit. Mainly we want to give you a chance to obtain a head start before the academic year has even started. By a number of relatively simple exercises you will be made familiar with the books and the software environment we will be using. Furthermore on the exercise list are some simple programs you need to write to build up your taste of programming. We continue with some theoretical notions of (object oriented) programming. Don't worry, nothing to heavy. Going to university is more than sitting in lecture rooms and taking knowledge on board. This is only a start. After the lectures you are supposed to be able to find things on your own. The same applies to this introductory session.

Marina De Vos 2003-07-04