The Money Project

Following the successful Door Project I proposed that for 2002 the community try a similar challenge, using a composite sample recorded during and after ICMC 2001 in La Habana. The sounds were recorded in the tourist market near Casa de las Americas, and in a smaller tourist market next to the Hotel Havana Libre. The challenge was, based on this WAV sample, create a musical work.

Detailed Rules

The Decision Time has Come

A listening panel has heard all the pieces, and the concert arranged at a lunch time during ICMC2002 in Göteborg, Sweden.
1The Sample
2Oh You're So Adollorable(3:58)Gary DiBenedetto (U.S.A.)
3Distances(4:00)Chapman Welch (U.S.A.)
4Dollar Variation from Hong Kong(3:00)Cyprian Li (Hong Kong)
5Dollar (3:59)Gunter Albrecht (Austria)
6Remembering Money (1:28)John ffitch (U.K.)
7Preludio & Fuga Electroacustica (4:00)Juan Maria Solare (Argentina)
8Dollar o'mine (3:59)Elearzar Garzón (Argentina)
9Suvenires (3:55)Stelios Giannoulakis (Greece)
10Fiscal Decisions (1:48)Johanna C. Devanney (Canada)
11This is for dancing (2:20)Malte Steiner (Germany)
12Soundscape: the Space between Us (3:57)Joshua Bradford (U.S.A.)
13Steve Reich's Money (2:29)Tak-Shing Chan (U.S.A.)
14A thought amidst (3:41)Jeff Morris (U.S.A.)
15Ethnography? (3:38)Michael Bassett (U.S.A.)


This project was inspired mainly by the Cha Cha Man and largely by the Door Project Concert.
John ffitch
Media Technology Research Centre
University of Bath
Bath BA2 7AY
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