Joanna J Bryson

Greetings.  I am a Reader [tenured Associate Professor, USA] in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bath.  I live in Princeton, NJ, and am an affiliate of Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy. having been one of their fellows in 2015-2016.  I am also doing research with the Princeton Departments of Politics and Psychology.

At Bath I founded and for some years lead the Bath Intelligent Systems research group.  Most of my own research is done in the context of the subgroup Artificial Models of Natural Intelligence (AmonI).   I still teach and supervise dissertation students.

JB in 2015 (google scholar picture)

I do research in both Artificial and Natural Intelligence.

CV & Biography

Here is my short, industrial (2 or optionally 3 page) resumé, and my long, academic curriculum vitae, both in PDF and updated July 2015.  My web pages (particularly my publications page) are often more up-to-date than my CV.

I did a reddit Science AMA on AI and AI ethics on 13 January 2017.  TechCrunch liked it.

My most recent biography.

Social Media, Blog, & ORCID

Mostly @j2bryson, my (fairly) professional Twitter account, although it reflects my own views, not any employer's.  I have (and reliably curate) a google scholar profile, and my account.  I also have a blog Adventures in Natural Intelligence, which started in 2007 mostly personal but is now mostly professional.  Posts are labelled, see in particular ai, ethics, policy, or perhaps academia or futurism.

In the unlikely case that you are wondering which J J Bryson I am: here, have my ORCID.

Current Professional Activities

See my Previous Academic Professional Activities for older conferences, committees, etc.


My closest collaborators are members of AmonI (notably my students), but I work with a number of other labs and individuals:
Joanna Bryson
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