Last Slightly Modified 26 August 2006, most content from 13 November, 2001

Viewing My Papers

To view postscript, use Ghostview. To unzip the compressed postscript, use a recent version of an unzipping package (gunzip works on linux/unix, winzip works on MS boxes if you choose "classic" not "wizard" when you install it.) Postscript files end ".ps", compressed postscript files end ".ps.gz". Uncompress ".ps.gz" files before you try to run them in ghostview!

Since postscript seems to be another victim of Microsoft's "embrace, extend, extinguish" campaign (why else won't their postscript ever print out?) most of my publications are now in PDF, which can be read with Ghostview (above) Adobe Acrobat, xpdf, and other utilities.

If you want to convert latex into pdf too, I strongly recommend dvipdfm.

Why Learn Latex?

  • teTeX free latex for unix/linux (including Mac OS X).
  • MikTeX free latex for Microsoft Windows.
  • One of the great advantages of latex is actually a seperate program for managing references, bibtex.
  • My latex bookmarks.
  • If you still can't read one of my papers, you can email me. Particularly if you really want a postscript one converted to PDF or a PDF one converted to postscript. I'm just not bothering since I assume most people can read PDF these days, and most people interested in my older publications are academic / geeky enough to get Ghostview working.

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