Ethics, Morality, AI & Mind: Symposia in honour of Turing, AISB/IACAP 2012

In honour of Alan Turing's Centennial we are running three symposia under the broad remit of ethics, agency and artifacts.  These will be held during the week 2-6 July 2012 at the AISB/IACAP World Congress in Birmingham, UK.
The three symposia will be presented in the above order over the period of the Congress, with exact days determined by the quality of submissions to each.  Reviewing will be collaborative: papers submitted to one symposium may be recommended to another.  We hope to present a coherent and thorough investigation of the science, philosophy, practise and broad social implications of AI and Robot Ethics.  We invite submissions to each and all of the above.  The abstract deadline for all three symposia is 1 February 2 March 2012Two symposia, Framework... & Moral Cognition... have extended their deadlines to 1 April.  The Machine Question has sent notices but may still consider submissions by those confused by the AISB extensions.


We are delighted to announce that Susan Leigh Anderson and Michael Anderson will be giving keynotes in the main symposium at the invitation of our track.


Joanna Bryson
Last updated 23 February 2012 (keynotes)
updated 29 March 2012 (fix to Framework URL, updated deadlines.)