Last Modified January 1, 1995

From the Dec 31 Protest on the State Hall Steps in Boston

First, there will be a memorial service Tuesday at 6pm at the Arlington Street Church. This is being held by Planned Parenthood, who are also setting up a fund you can donate to in the name of the woman who died who was their employee. Sorry, I'm bad with names, but she was a 25 year old who was their receptionist, which at a counciling clinic is a fantastically crucial job -- she is first contact. She had been planning to go back to graduate school for a degree in sociology, and she was bilingual. The other woman who died was a volunteer, none of the speakers seemed to know her as well, but I think the service is for them both.

The protest/vigil was organized by the National Organizaton of Women, and they are holding several other events. Their phone number is (617) 782-1056.

Community Strategy Meeting Wdnesday, Jan 4 at 7pm, Brookline High School, Roberts Auditorium.

Month-long pro-choice "Visibilities" 1031 and 1297 and 1842 Beacon Street. Every Saturday in January from 8-10am

Action for reproductive freedom in commemoration of Roe v Wade Jan 22, details TBA.

I wound up with a card from the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League "Promoting Reproductive Choices." They ask for volunteers. Their phone number is 556-8800.

There were also some people who identified themselves as the MILITANT Labor Forum. [their capitals, not mine] They are having a speaker -- Margo Storsteen, member of the Socialist Workers Party and the United Transportation Union Local 898, on Saturday, Jan. 7 at 7:30pm. at the Pathfinder Booksbtore, 780 Tremont (corner of Mass Ave) in Boston 247-6772.

That's all I got in the way of fliers and dates. Anyone with more info or more or better links can email me -- I'll put anything in here that I don't know to be encouraging violence. These events mean a lot of different things to different people, and a lot of different viewpoints will be expressed at these meetings that I don't necessarily support, but I am concerned enough about what happened to want to facilitate anyone who wants to help.

Not that I want to waffle -- for me personally the largest issues at stake are: 1) The institutionalized encouragement of violent actions by our society, which I find particularly disturbing coming from our ethical leaders -- politicians, religous leaders, and let's be honest -- media. 2) Violence against women, women not being perceived as equals. 3) Gun control. People don't kill people -- we may beat and verbally abuse each other, but violence on this scale doesn't happen with fists or even knives. 4) The relative worth of adult human lives to fetal lives. This last is the hardest to argue, but I know where I stand.

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