Uses of Interface

Packages that use IListOrganiser

Uses of IListOrganiser in lib

Classes in lib that implement IListOrganiser
 class DestructiveListOrganiser
          A simple list organiser object for providing simple "delete me" functionality
 class HorizontalListOrganiser
          The horizontal list organiser is used for arranging elements within action patterns, triggers and goals.
 class VerticalListOrganiser
          When arraylists of arraylists of anonymous elements are laid out as a single vertical list, we use this class as the list organiser in order to facilitate the rearranging.

Fields in lib declared as IListOrganiser
private  IListOrganiser JTreeNode.organiser

Methods in lib that return IListOrganiser
 IListOrganiser JTreeNode.getOrganiser()
          Get the list organiser

Methods in lib with parameters of type IListOrganiser
 void JTreeNode.setOrganiser(IListOrganiser org)
          Set our list organiser object