Version 1.2 - What's New

  1. Added a drive collection to the empty-ish plan made when you create a new file, so you can immediately start adding elements to it without having to explicitly create one.
  2. Changed slider behaviour to preserve state during session, so resizing the pull-out areas and then closing them will result in them being the same size when they're next opened.
  3. Added new actions for creating new action patterns / competences via the "Set Triggered Action" menus on competence elements and drive elements.
  4. By popular demand, changed output of the print-style view such that instead of saying "Competence Element" beneath Comp-Elements, the same information as for drive elements is listed beneath it.
  5. Renaming an action pattern or competence now causes references to it to be updated to the same name. Conversely, changing the name of the triggered action from the element that is triggering it will not update the name.
  6. Completely re-wrote the Python primitives parser to use Java regular expressions. It's a lot more elegant now, and much more reliable. Noone reported bugs in the other one, but it's dealing with dense syntax was dubious at best.
  7. Added "List Primitives" button that generates a list of action and sense primitives used throughout a file in the console output window.

Version 1.1 - What's New

Changes Made
  1. Added Logical View, showing full plan information.
  2. Changed tree generation to not show duplicate nodes for names (Saves a lot of space)
  3. The validation of plans against list of primitives will show a list of results for each relevent diagram in the console output window.
  4. Added window menu with the ability to jump between opened files.
  5. Added option to window menu for cascading all open windows.(Doesnt hide files behind pop-out toolbars either)
  6. Added option to window menu for tiling all opoen windows (Doesnt hide files behind pop-out toolbars either)
  7. Added option to minimize all open windows.
  8. Added validation toggle on the View menu "Hide Validation", for resetting a diagram with lots of validation errors.
  9. Validator will not only validate missing primitives, but also aggregates that are not present.
  10. Added a simple 'About' screen, it's not pretty, but really what's going to go in there can be played with by anyone at a later time.
  11. Changed behavior of file loading, so that errors parsing files produce a dialogue with the option to retry or abort loading the file.
  12. Halfed size of icons on top toolbar, reducing screen area by roughly 25% or so.
  13. Corrected plenty of spelling errors on the displays, such as primative->primitive
  14. Corrected headers for saved files to be a coherent sentence.
  15. When a file is maximized in the editor, the zoom buttons will always be visible.
  16. Save/Open/Validator file selection dialogues now remember the current working direction between invocations, with the path being saved to the configuration file between program uses.
  17. Included missing Python primtives parser - Was previously made, but not included with the distribution. Several bug fixes made to use of regular expressions too.
  18. Halved inter-object spacing on print view, reducing size massively.

Version 1.0

Initial Deliverable