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This page is under construction, and presumably always will be.  Eventually I'd like to link dissertations and code here too, at least for projects that get either first class honours (undergrads) or distinctions (MScs).  If you are a former student & I am missing any info or a link for you, please email me & I will edit it in. 

If you are a current student (esp. a PhD student), you should start gently by reading wise advice to new grad students, then you probably ought to read the Researcher's Bible. You might also want to read about doing research at the MIT AI lab, although of course I don't expect my students' lives to be like that (honest).  In contrast, this is exactly what a PhD is about.  Here is excellent advice to read before writing your dissertation, on the difference between a thesis and a dissertation.  Here is some very wise words about doing graduate research.  I particularly like the "How to keep/create a good relationship?"   Here's some British advice that particularly address personal time and again your relationship with your supervisor.

When you are nearly done with your PhD (or postdoc) you should probably read this advice on writing your first grants.

If you are a final-year undergraduate or masters student, you should probably read my own advice about writing essays and dissertations.

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Further details of current student research (especially where it's relevant to my own) can sometimes be found on the AmonI Research Page.

PhD Students

Emmanuel Tanguy Autumn 2002-July 2006
(with Phil Willis)
Emotions: the Art of Communication Applied to Virtual Actors
Web page with code.
Mark Wood Autumn 2003-July 2007
An Agent-Independent Task Learning Framework Web page with code.
Hagen Lehmann Winter 2005-September 2009 On the Applicability of Agent Based Modelling in Behavioural Ecology
Marios Richards
Autumn 2008-Spring 2012 (part time)
evolutionary dynamics (did not complete)

Dominic Mitchell
Autumn 2010-
(part time)
a public language perspective on cultural evolution

Gideon Gluckman
Autumn 2010-
(part time, suspended)
how social structure affects information discovery

Bidan Huang
Autumn 2010-
learning in a modular robot architecture

Daniel Taylor
Autumn 2010-
cultural evolution

Swen Gaudl
Spring 2012-
evolutionary learning and AI character game design

Yifei Wang
Autumn 2012-
exploiting biological innovations in immunity

Jekaterina Novikova
Autumn 2012-
(with Leon Watts)
human-robot collaboration

Anthony Smith
Autumn 2012-
(EngD with Remode)
Game AI

Paul Rauwolf Autumn 2012-
(with Marina De Vos)
social norms and self deception

JeeHang Lee
Autumn 2011-
(with Julian Padget)
norms and institutions in multi-agent systems

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