Last updated: 16 October 2019

Joanna Bryson's Home Page for CM50272
Humans and Intelligent Machines   2019

This course is taught by three different lecturers. This page contains only the public content of the lectures composed by Dr. Joanna Bryson

Most content including suggested readings, assignments, and discussion fora are available on the moodle page.

This course has four different but complementary objectives (see further the unit description):
  1. To give students an understanding of current theoretical, methodological and practical research issues around human interaction with robots and other computational intelligence.
  2. To teach students relevant knowledge and skills related to the design, implementation, evaluation and management of systems involving humans and intelligent machines.
  3. To raise students' awareness of ethical and related challenges and constraints around the coexistence and collaboration of humans and intelligent machines.
  4. To give students experience of researching advanced topics in computer science, summarising the current state of the art, undertaking a relevant study and presenting the results.

Dr Bryson gives six lectures:

HIM lecture
title and slides
8 October 2019
What is AI? Can it be accountable?
9 October 2019 What Is Machine Bias? Can and Should It Be Avoided?
15 October 2019 Anthropomorphism: Can and Should Robots Be People?
16 October 2019 Anthropomorphism and Employment: Social places for people and robots
22 October 2019
The Political Economy of Intelligent Technology
23 October 2019
Global, Local, and National Regulation:  What Are Countries For?
You may also want to read her Web page on artificial intelligence ethics.

If you want to meet with Dr. Bryson privately, schedule an appointment during her office hours; if there are none coming up, email her.  Please don't email lecturers (or tutors) questions about lectures, course content, or coursework post those on Moodle forums insteadQuestions are good work done by good students (that's you!)  Both the questions and their answers belong to the whole class and should appear in the Moodle forums.  It's also easiest to get the teaching staff's attention in lecture, lab and the moodle forums.  Note that extension requests always go to your Director of Studies, not to Lecturers.  The best time to talk to Dr. Bryson is often immediately after lecture (before is OK iff everything technical seems to be set up, NOT if she is fiddling with her laptop.)

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