Last updated: 26 March 2015

Home Page for CM50230 & CM30229
Intelligent Control & Cognitive Systems   2015

Dr. Joanna Bryson

This unit reflects a rapidly developing field.  Therefore the schedule on this page is often subject to change. 

This page is provided as a resource, mostly so you can find lecture notes and problem sets.  There is also a moodle page associated with this course, which contains forums for support & is where you submit your coursework.
  You are responsible for reading thoroughly all communication from email, the moodle news forum, and the coursework specifications.

Note on Labs:  Sometimes a single laboratory will be mandatory for the entire class.  Generally you are welcome to attend either laboratory, but the people who are assigned to a lab have first precedence for equipment and tutor time.

 Lecture Topics
(exact organization still subject to change)
Coursework & Labs
(courseworks all due Friday at midnight, handed out Tuesdays in Lecture)
First Lecture
Special notes
Introduction, Intelligence & Sensing; Artificial Intelligence & Cognition.
Lecture 1; Lecture 2
Coursework 1 handed out. 3 Feb
Action Selection; Cognitive Architectures.
Lecture 3; Lecture 4

10 Feb

Perception & Learning.
Lecture 5; Lecture 6

17 Feb

Evolution and Evolutionary Algorithms; Design, Learnability, and Specialised Perception for Robots.
Lecture 7; Lecture 8
Coursework 1 Due 24 Feb

Science, Agents and Spatial Simulations; Social Simulation and Social Structure.
Lecture 9; Lecture 10
Coursework 2 (and 4) handed out 3 Mar

Netlogo lecture & labs; Hypothesis Testing and Evidence
Lecture 11; Lecture 12

10 Mar

Likeability, Believability & Engagement; Multiple Conflicting Goals: Intro to Game AI
Lecture 13; Lecture 14
Coursework 2 due
17 Mar

Game AI lecture & labs; Emotions & Intelligence
Lecture 15; Lecture 16

Coursework 3 handed out
24 Mar


Robot Beauty Competition (optional); Culture, Language & Cognition I
Tuesday lecture optional & in 1W 2.34;
 Thursday lab mandatory,
Code for Coursework 3 due before lab.
14 Apr
This year's competition judge is our Vice Chancellor!
Culture, Language & Cognition II
Lecture 17 & 18 (double lecture)

Optional fun lab on Tuesday
Coursework 3 writeup due
21 Apr
Lecture Tuesday only!
Mind & Consciousness; Ethics & Society
Lecture 19; Lecture 20

28 Apr

Revision Lecture
Coursework 4 due (postgraduate only)
5 May

If you want to meet with Dr. Bryson, schedule an appointment during her office hours.  Please don't email her! unless it is really very urgent & a tutor can't help you.  Most support will be in lecture, lab and the moodle forums, but please note that Dr. Bryson and both tutors also have twitter accounts.  Note that extension requests go to the Director of Studies, not to Lecturers.  The best time to talk to Dr. Bryson is often immediately after lecture (before is OK if she seems to be done setting up her laptop.)

Is there a text?

This is an advanced course for which there is (so far) no single text book.  One of the skills taught in this course is reading primary literature–that is, you should be able to read some of the publications cognitive scientists use to communicate to each other.  However, I have also ordered a large number of books on robots, LEGO robots & Cognitive Science for the library.  Have a look on the shelves or in the catalog.  Let me know if you particularly like any of these books and/or think we should get more copies.

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