Last updated: 8 May 2014

Lecture notes for CM30229 & CM50230
Intelligent Control & Cognitive Systems   2014

Joanna J. Bryson

Lecture 1:  Course Introduction, Intelligence Broadly, & Sensing

Note:  You should have free access to the papers linked below so long as you are on campus or tunneled to campus (e.g. VPN.)

Lecture 2:  An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (its history) & Cognition

Coursework 1:  Wall Following

Lecture 3:  Action Selection

Lecture 4:  Cognitive Architectures

Lecture 5:  Perception

Lecture 6:  Learning

Lecture 7:  Evolution and Genetic Algorithms

Lecture 8:  Design & Learnabilty

Lecture 9:  Science, Agents and Spatial Simulations

Lecture 10:  Social Simulation and Social Structure

Coursework 2:  Cooperation

Lecture 11:  Hypothesis Testing and Evidence

Coursework 3:  The Workshop Paper

Postgraduates only (undergraduates get an exam).  The assignment is straight-forward. You should extend one of the first three courseworks to be a conference paper. Please come talk to me about what project you want to do, and if you like I will recommend a real conference for you to target. But the paper should be about 4-6 pages of double-column length such as is used by IJCAI, AAAI, ACM or IEEE for all of their conferences. The deadline is 6 May 2014.

To work to distinction, you should actually find some recent workshop, conference or even journal articles and use these to establish the current state of the art / knowledge boundary, and then see if you can replicate and / or extend one or more of them.

Lecture 12: Multiple Conflicting Goals – Intro to Game AI

Lecture 13–14: Culture, Language & Cognition (double-length two-day lecture)

Lecture 15:  Chatbots, Turing Tests & Believability

Lecture 16:  Emotions, Drives & Complex Control

Lecture 17:  Consciousness & Cognitive Systems

Lecture 18:  Ethics & Cognitive Systems

Below this line is notes from 2013 that have not yet been revised.

Coursework 3:  Game AI