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in Artificial and Natural


Joanna J. Bryson

Artificial models of natural Intelligence (AmonI)
Bath Computer Science

Who am I and What have I Done?

Education Work
B.A. Behavioral Sci. System Analyst, Financial Industry
M.Sc. AI Object-Oriented Reengineering
M.Phil Psychology Research Scientist, AI for VR (LEGO)
Ph.D. Computer Sci.  
Dialog Tutoring Systems, Characters, Modelling Primates

My Chunk of Artificial Intelligence

Types of Projects

Example: A Mobile Robot
(Bryson ATAL97)

Example: VR
(Bryson & Thórisson 2000)

Macaque Social Order

Hypotheses of Macaque Social Order

Basic Social Behaviors

Navigate Groom Explore
state x, y, size, name drive-level, partner drive-level
focus-of-attn groomed-when, direction-of-interest
actions approach groom, choose-partner choose-new-location
wait, align partner-chosen? lose-target, explore
untangle tolerate, notify want-novel-loc?

life (D)
untangle (tangled?) untangle
groom (C) (want-to-groom?)
(partner-chosen?) (aligned?) notify groom
(being-groomed?) choose-groomer-as-partner
(partner-chosen?) (touching?) notify align
(partner-chosen?) notify approach
() choose-partner
receive (being-groomed?) tolerate-grooming
explore (C) (want-novel-loc?)
(place-chosen?) (there-yet?) lose-target
(place-chosen?) explore-that-a-way
() choose-explore-target
wait () wait

Reactive Planning

The Place of Reactive Planning in an Agent

Project 1: Monkeys in a Simulation Tool

  1. Connect an IDE for Reactive Plans to an existing simulation tool.
  2. Replicate (extend?) my social primate experiments.
  3. If it works, will be used by lots of people.
  4. Should be a good programmer. Some HCI, some research,
    • must pick which simulation tool, must evaluate them. Breve, Mason, RePast, others?
    • may have to polish the IDE.

Project 2: Monkeys in a MUD

  1. Anarres (see developed by Ben Mankin here at Bath. Well-used MUD with human and AI occupants.
  2. Want to have it inhabited by a troop of monkeys.
  3. If one monkey gets kicked, it should go find a bunch of other monkeys and then come and hassle the aggressor.
  4. No VR, no natural language, some navigation, lots of coding.
  5. Native language for MUD is LPC. Mr. Mankin is willing to work out an API to the python version of POSH planning.

Project 3: Test an Emotional Representation and Facial Animation Tool

  1. Emotions evolved as a part of action selection.
  2. Important characteristic: duration of emotions, rate of change.
  3. Emmanuel Tanguy has developed a Facial Simulation tool.
  4. Want experiments run on it with human subjects to test believability.
  5. Not much coding (unless you want to - could hack tool, or put experiments on line).
  6. Must do good quality usability studies following proper experimental method including analysis!

Project 4: Passing the Turing Test in a Games Environment: Language and Action in UnReal Tournament

  1. Use afore-mentioned IDE, which has already been attached to UnReal.
  2. Try to pass Turing test (get mistaken for real player) at least for a while.
  3. Requires serious programming: interest in natural language, building parsers, interest in true AI / philosophy of mind.
  4. Will have to convince me you will work very, very hard before I let you try this.

Working with JB

  1. All my students will be expected to attend group meetings, and to contribute to AI projects in some way.
  2. I hope to get publishable results and/or systems out of every project.
  3. All the proposed projects involve working with existing code -- just like the real world.
  4. AI is really cool & you can tell your friends about it.

Joanna Bryson

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Joanna Bryson 2004-03-07