Course Schedule for CM50175
Research Project Preparation   2005

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Lectures this year are in 3E 2.1 at 11:15 am on Tuesdays.

The May lecture is totally optional. It is provided  to answer last minute questions about how to write the introductory chapter (that is, get full marks for the part of your paper I will be marking) and possibly to help students find partners for proof-reading.

Seminar participation on 11 & 18 March and 22 April is mandatory and for credit.  None of the other lectures or seminars are mandatory; they're just recommended.

Lecture Date
 Lecture Topic
Seminar Content

15 February
Introduction to CM50175 + What's in a Dissertation?
Staff Presentations
22 February
Using the Bath Library for Literature Research Staff Presentations
1 March
Choosing a Project + Using & Citing Literature
Staff Presentations
8 March
What Dissertations Look Like
(may include intro to latex & bibtex)
Staff Presentations (10 March)
How to Read Papers (11 March)
15 March
Proving You've Done Something:  Doing Statistics
Thesis Statements  (18 March)
18 March -
12 April
No Lectures Scheduled No Seminars Scheduled
19 April
Testimonials on doing MSc projects -- What Worked, What Didn't Literature Reviews (22 April)
3 May
What Needs to be in the Proposal?    Q&A
No More Seminars
9 May
Submit 9 May!

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last updated: 28 February 2005