Two of these dissertations were found on the internet back in 2003, the others are from my personal collection.  I will be showing these to you in class on March 8. 

Joanna Bryson's MSc shows a good, short abstract with three different thesis points - one about an application, one about how it relates to an AI programming paradigm, and a third about how it relates to natural science.

Her MPhil shows a lit review split across four different chapters (1, 2, 3 and 5).  There's one thesis, but it's not stated as early as  Olin Shivers recommends (though it is in the first chapter.)

Lena  Magnusson's dissertation shows a way to do a theory dissertation.  This is a heavily referenced (so famous) PhD dissertation; I include it so you can see a different sort of thesis and argument structure.  Her thesis sentence is at the end of her abstract.

Sun-Woo Kim's MSc shows a dissertation that's about writing a GUI.  This is more like the ones that have been written at Bath before (which you can see if you go to the main office or library), but notice he uses a good conclusion.

Here is a Bath MSc from one of my 2003 students,  Andy Kwong.

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