Procedure for setting up CW 3

(1)   bots
(2)   NetBeans


Instructions for setting up Unreal Tournament 2004 bots

Assuming you have Unreal Tournament 2004 installed with the latest patch.
The following will set you up to program bots:

1.       Extract Netbeans into c:\pogamut
2.       Run Netbeans (in \bin folder double click on netbeans)
3.       Close Netbeans
4.       This will create the folder in C:\Users\BUCS_Username\.netbeans\7.1.1
5.       Extract the contents of (3) into C:\Users\BUCS_Username\.netbeans\7.1.1 overwriting the files already there
6.       Replace files in c:\pogamut\ut2004 with (4)
7.       Extract (1) to a folder in your home drive.  This contains the instructions and the template bot that you will be editing


1.       In C:\pogamut\UT2004 double click on 'start-scenario.bat'
2.       In C:\pogamut\UT2004 double click on 'UT2004.bat'
3.       In the game setting you can turn ?full screen? off
4.       Run Netbeans.

Fixing 2004

Fixing the broken installation that generates the yylex errors (see forum).  Do this as a safety precaution.
  1. Overwrite the contents of folder c:\pogamut\UT2004 with the contents of this zip file.
    1. Note that this overwrites the file installed above!
      1. The instructions for installation work perfectly on a "clean install."
      2. This overwrite is necessary because of the version of UT2004 that we/BUCS installed in our lab before term started.
    2. You will get asked some questions in pop-up windows.
      1. Yes, Yes, to the encryption questions, then make it do an overwrite.

by Jawaad, last updated 29 March 2012