CM10228 / Programming Ib:   Lab 2

Concurrency and Networking: Chat Application

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Now that you know how to make clients and servers, and have them both threaded, the only thing left to do is to let the multiple clients interact with each other. This is actually reasonably simple, and is just pure Java. You already know all the networking and all the threading that you need to know to do this. And in fact, your clients from the previous section should be already capable of sending and receiving messages in this chat program (although you might want to add a prompt to distinguish between what you are typing and what came from the server).

Do this:

In summary: you have learned how to spawn threads that go and do jobs at the same time as the one that spawned it. You have learned how to send simple messages over a network in a client-server model, using Socket and ServerSocket. You have also learned how to use threading to improve the client and the server of your application.

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