This is an email, posted here by permission of the author -- JJB

Hi Joanna,
I have included some general remarks about the coursework I mark below:
1)  No one properly formatted their requirements.  This is basic Software Engineering knowledge which you should have covered in Software Engineering 1.  Information on how to structure requirements can be found in Sommerville (2001).  Requirements are not meant to be a essay or a list of bullet points, rather a structured listing of requirements definitions with rationale for each.  Requirements are not meant to be design oriented... rather an abstraction of what your software must do.
2)  When designing your program, think on three teirs - high, medium and low.  A high level design should give an overview of the class design (i.e. - a UML diagram).  A medium level design should be a english abstract of what a specific class/method does with design rationale - refer to requirements here.  A low level design should be pseudo code showing the relevant features of functions.  A quick note about pseudo code... try using natural language rather than proper code (i.e. - java) which you have just altered from your implementation.
3)  Implementation section was good.  For future reference however, make sure the code is formatted nicely when it is printed out (be careful of wrapping).  It make it easier to read and see what is going on.
4)  Analysis... on the whole very good.  When showing results, don't just do screen print outs.  Put your results into table, use graphs, compare the result, state trends and try to offer an explanation for them.
5)  Conclusion and critique... also very good on the whole.  Try to discuss the processes you went through, state what was achieved, problems you had, improvements/future work and compare to other problems which are similar.
6)  Acknowledgements... VERY POOR!!!  Many of you asked questions in the tutorials, went to lectures to learn the topic, read lecture notes,... need I go on!  Acknowledge it... it is the polite thing/right thing to do!
That's it!!!  On the whole very good, with some high scoring courseworks.
Andy Warr  BSc (Hons)
PhD Student (Human Computer Interaction)
E-mail - cspaw at cs dot bath dot ac dot uk
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