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Keywords: Electronic commerce. Agent societies. Negotiation and argumentation. Internet programming. Mobile programs. Distributed security. Specification and verification of agent interaction models.

Current projects

@LIS-Technet: an EU-funded e-education demonstrator project in the framework of the Latin American Information Society Program, bringing together research, education and applications in agents and web services. Partners are: Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Universita di Parma, University of Bath, Instituto Superior Politechnico Jose Antonio Echeverria (Havana, Cuba), Universidad de Costa Rica, Universidad Tecnologica Metropolitana (Santiago, Chile), Instituto Politecnico Nacional (Mexico), Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico). Duration: October 2003-March 2006. Two RA positions will be available on this project.

GENSS: Grid Enabled Numerical and Symbolic Services (September 2003-August 2005), an EPSRC-funded e-Science project, joint with Omer Rana at Cardiff University/Welsh e-Science Centre on the application of agents to scientific computation services on the grid. An RA position on this project will be advertised in the next few months.

EU-LAT: an EU-funded accompanying measure on the tail-end of FP5 in which we are organizing a series of workshops in latin america (Mexico, Costa Rica and either Chile or Brazil) on e-Health, e-Environment and e-Government in Autumn 2003, Spring 2004 and Autumn 2004.

MKMNET: Mathematical Knowledge Management (September 2002-December 2003), an EU-funded network project, complementary to MONET, bringing together a range of users and providers of mathematical knowledge to look at ontology creation and the development of new content dictionaries for OpenMath.

MONET: Mathematics On the NET (April 2002-March 2004), an EU-funded RTD project focussing on mathematical service discovery and composition. Coordinator: Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG). Partners: University of Bath, University of Western Ontario, Stilo International plc, University of Manchester, Technical University of Eindhoven, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique/University of Nice.

Project ideas at all levels (undergraduate, MSc, doctoral) are available.

Network participation

Computer Science at the University of Bath is a member of the AgentLink member network of excellence.

We also participate in the project. Our node's home page is at


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