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The VIM Project

...or to give it its full title

VIM: A Virtual Multicomputer for Symbolic Applications

which is a network project under the EC's Human Capital and Mobility programme. The network brings together 15 partners researching in three areas: parallel and distributed systems, compilation for parallel execution and artificial intelligence. The goal is to develop AI applications to run on distributed architectures and across local and wide-area networks.

Activities and reports

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  1. AI Lab, Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
    Contact: Walter van de Velde or mail
    Related pages: none.
  2. GMD (FIT.KI) Bonn.
    Contact: Hans Voss or mail
    Related pages: none.
  3. GMD FIRST, Berlin.
    Contact: Angela Sodan or mail
    Related pages: none.
  4. Christian Albrechts Universitaet Kiel.
    Contact: Wolfgang Goerigk or mail wg@informatik.uni-
    Related pages: APPLY Project.
  5. LSI, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya.
    Contact: Ulises Cortes or mail
    Related pages: none.
  6. Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona.
    Contact: Vicenc Torra or mail
    Related pages: AI group at URV
  7. Institut d'Investigacio en Intel.ligencia Artificial at Campus Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Bellaterra.
    Contact: Carles Sierra or mail
    Related pages: none.
  8. INRIA, Rocquencourt.
    Contact: Christian Queinnec or mail
    Related pages: ICSLA Project.
    INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis.
    Contact: Brigitte Trousse or mail
    Related pages: AID Research Group .
  9. Ilog S.A., Gentilly.
    Contact: Pierre Parquier or mail
    Related pages: none.
  10. Dipartimento di Informatica, Universita di Pisa.
    Contact: Giuseppe Attardi or mail
    Related pages: none.
  11. Istituto di Cibernetica, CNR, Naples.
    Contact: Mario Mango Furnari or mail
    Related pages: none.
  12. Dipartimento di Informatica ed Applicazioni, Universita di Salerno.
    Contact: Antonio Gisolfi or mail
    Related pages: none.
  13. Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath.
    Contact: Julian Padget or mail
    Related pages: Denton Project.
  14. Department of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton.
    Contact: David DeRoure or mail
    Related pages: none.
  15. University of Warwick.
    Contact: Iain Craig or mail
    Related pages: none.

Julian Padget,, this version May 31, 1995