These pages concern the 2007-2008 version of this course. If you are interested in the current version, please visit the Moodle pages.


This is the central web page for Discrete Mathematics for Computation, Copies of the lecture slides will appear here, alongside exercise sheets and other bits of information.

You might like to look at the Unit description for this course.


Your lecturer is Guy McCusker.

Problem classes will be taken by Tom Gundersen.


There are two lectures per week:

  • Monday 16.15, 5W2.3
  • Thursday 10.15, 3WN2.1

In addition each student should attend one exercise class per week. Please make sure you know when and where your class is held!


This course is assessed 25% by coursework, 75% by exam. Your coursework will consist largely of the exercise sheets that you work on in the weekly classes, plus an additional learning log exercise. Details are circulated at lectures, and can also be found via the links to the right.

Lecture notes and handouts

Coursework sheets

Sample Solutions

No longer available. I imagine you would be able to find them if you searched hard enough.