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Project description

EPSRC grant GR/N22014, value £58359, running June 2000-May 2003.

The aim of this project is to produce a precise semantic model of interference and interference-control in higher-order programming languages with references. This should be taken to include object-oriented languages as well as languages such as ML. The model will be used to discover and support new reasoning principles and type systems for taming interference. Specific goals are to develop and analyse games models for existing interference control systems, to develop new systems or other mechanisms for controlling interference, and to construct proof systems and reasoning principles for proving the correctness of programs in the presence of interference control.

This project employed Jim Laird as a research fellow, and enjoyed the collaboration of Matthew Wall and Dan Ghica.

Project outcomes

The final report on the project describes the research outcomes of the work carried out with this EPSRC support.