A Workshop for John Power

Department of Computer Science

University of Bath

John Power is Retiring

27th June 2019.
Room 3E2.4, University of Bath.

In summer 2019, after a career in Mathematics and Computer Science spanning more than thirty years, our friend and colleague John Power will retire and return to Australia. John has advanced our understanding of many topics in his career, including coherence problems, algebraic theories, algebraic effects in computation, and logic programming. He has been instrumental in introducing and promulgating the effective use of categorical methods in computer science. As important as John’s academic qualities, he has also been a wonderful colleague. John has been an amazing mentor, supporter and friend to many of us and in particular to younger academics. We have all been touched by his kindness and his humour.

To celebrate all of John’s achievements, and to inspire further work, we will hold a small informal workshop at the University of Bath where John has worked for the last decade, with talks from several of his collaborators and other researchers young and old with an interest in category theory and its uses in computer science. The programme is below and it looks great!

Attendance is free. There is no formal registration process, but we do plan to supply tea and coffee, so to help us gauge numbers please send an email to Guy McCusker if you plan to come.


Wednesday 26th June: an evening in Bath

John has offered to lead one of his now famous architectural walking tours of Bath in the evening of June 26th for anyone who would like to join him! Please get in touch with Guy McCusker if you are interested in going along.

Thursday 27th June: workshop

Talks will take place in room 3E2.4 between 10.00 and 16.00; draft programme is below.

We plan to provide tea and coffee for break times. Lunch can be obtained from any of the several canteens and cafes on the Bath campus.

Draft timetable

Time Talk
09:30--10:00 Arrival and coffee
10:00 The Power Replacement
Martin Hyland
10:30 Higher-dimensional categories: induction on extensivity
Thomas Cottrell
11:00--11:15 Break
11:15 Coinduction in Logic Programming
Ekaterina Komendantskaya and Henning Basold
11:45 Allegories and Categories & Logic Programming
Jim Lipton
12:15--13:30 Lunch
13:30 TBA
John Power
14:00 Internal Enriched Categories
Enrico Ghiorzi
14:30 Logical Relations and the hybrid Mathematician/Computer Scientist
Edmund Robinson
15:00--15:15 Break (with coffee!)
15:15 Oles embeddings
Paul Levy
15:45 TBA
Pino Rosolini
16:15 Closing remarks
Neil Ghani



The workshop will take place in room 3E2.4 on the University of Bath campus.


The Campus Map shows the Arrivals Square, where buses can be taken to and from the City Centre, and building 3E (3 East), where the workshop will be held.


A limited amount of campus accommodation may be available. If no appropriate room is available on campus, any of the many city centre guest houses will allow easy access to the campus after a short bus ride or an energetic walk. (John would walk.)


The University of Bath is a short distance from Bath city centre and most easily reached by public transport. See the University's Travel Advice page for details.