I am a Professor in Computer Science at the University of Bath (since 2017). Previously I was a Lecturer (Assistant Prof./US) in Computer Science in 2012, and a Reader (Associate Prof./US) from 2014. I have been fortunate enough to be awarded two previous Research Fellowships: Royal Academy of Engineering, 2007-2012, Royal Society Industry Fellowship (with Double Negative Visual Effects), 2012-present. I am currently the Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications (CAMERA), funded by EPSRC/AHRC, with partner contributions from The Imaginarium, The Foundry, British Skeleton, Ministry of Defence and British Maritime Technologies.

I am interested in analysing and understanding motion, with a long term focus on faces. This covers not just synthesising and measuring motion, but also the perception of motion. I am also interested in how we can create impact from research. For example, taking a fundamental research idea past a research paper where it can make a difference in every day life. Generally for me this interest leads to the creative industries - visual effects, video games. However, I am also interested in how computer vision and graphics research can be applied elsewhere, for example in health care technologies, biomechanics and elite sport performance enhancement.