This page will document my progress in the "Real Geometry and Connectedness via Triangular Description" group at the University of Bath. The main group page can be found on Professor J. H. Davenport's page. My transfer report, which documents my current progress and future research plans, was submitted on 29/11/12 and is available online. My transfer talk and viva will take place on 6/12/12 as part of the University of Bath's Department of Computer Science Mathematical Foundations weekly seminar.

Example Bank:
The current CAD example bank can be found on the Example Bank page.

Triangular Seminar:
I currently take the notes for the "Real Geometray and Connectedness via Triangular Description" group's seminar. The notes from last year and the current version of this year are available for download.

Help Sheets:
I have written a (hopefully) helpful worksheet for the Maple RegularChains package which contains algorithms for triangular decomposition and cylindrical algebraic decomposition (amongst many many other things).

I have also got a QEPCAD reference document which details how to access QEPCAD from inside the computer science department (running bash) and then instructions on how to use the application in a basic way.

I have recently been working on a new concept called Layered CADs. These comprise of only the cells of certain dimensions within a CAD, have some nice properties and promising applications. My work currently consists of a Technical Report and a Maple package called LayeredCAD which is given in the LCAD.mpl file which builds on the ProjectionCAD.mpl package.(These now replace the and files. This earlier package is described in a Help Worksheet which should be saved in the same directory as the two .mm files.)

Conferences and Seminars

Here is a list of past and upcoming conferences I have attended or will be going to attend.