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Dr. Emmanuel Tanguy

Research Officer

Department of Computer Science

University of Bath


I completed my PhD in June 2006 under the supervision of Prof. Phil Willis as my first supervisor and Joanna J. Bryson as my second supervisor, working in the field of facial animation and synthetic emotions with the developement of a Dynamic Emotion Representation model.

The title of my Ph.D. thesis is Emotions: the Art of Communication Applied to Virtual Actors.

Influences of emotions on synthetic facial expressions and their effects on people's perception of embodied virtual agents.
I developed an Emotionally Expressive Facial Animation System (EE-FAS: e-face) for embodied virtual agents, integrating a Dynamic Emotion Representation inspired by natural models and psychological studies of human emotions.

Video example:

  • Facial Animation Investigation: With this experiment we are trying to study how facial animations could influence people's perception of a virtual actor (28/11/2005).
  • Spot Marvin's personality, the paranoid android (???) (08/10/05).
  • Welcome the department of Computer Science: mpg (29/06/05).

I am a member of two research groups:




Research Officer
Research Officer funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Concil (EPSRC), Grant GR/S/79299/01, "The Impact of Durative Variable state on the Design and Control of Action Selection", Joanna J. Bryson and Emmanuel Tanguy.


Department Teaching Committee
For the academic year 2004-2005, I was the Ph.D. student representative on the Department Teaching Committee.


Departmental Seminar Organiser
From the summer 2003 to the summer 2004, I was organising the Computer Science departmental seminar.

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