PhD Studentships for October 2014 at the University of Bath

Research group: Intelligent Systems

(Artificial Intelligence, Agents, Social and Scientific Simulation, Knowledge Representation, Games, Robots)

Potential supervisors: Application form (link at the top of the page) and instructions, including information on prerequisites:

NEW We've just heard we have an EPSRC studentship (suitable for UK residents) for 3.5 years to start in April 2014. Please apply before the end of the year for this.

The Intelligent systems group at the University of Bath are pleased to offer PhD positions to outstanding candidates interested in all aspects of intelligent systems, including systems artificial intelligence, social simulation, cognitive systems, autonomous robotics, and game AI (both character AI and level development.) Current specialisms within the group include:
We seek outstanding candidates, where "outstanding" status can be indicated in a number of ways, including (but not limited to) strong undergraduate and/or masters degrees, strong letters of reference, exceptional previous research as indicated by previous dissertation(s) or publications, exceptional research proposals showing good understanding of current open research problems.  Candidates are welcome to propose their own projects, although it is advisable to review the publications of our staff and reflect these in a proposal.  The following projects are of particular interest to the group, and may be reflected in further funding opportunities:

The best applicants who are nationals from outside the European Union will be considered for one of nine 50th Anniversary Excellence Studentships for Overseas Research Students being offered across the Faculty of Science (further awards are being offered in other faculties). The scholarships cover the full overseas fee, a stipend and a training support grant for three years. In other words, if you win one of these scholarships you will be able to obtain an excellent PhD and maintain yourself without the need for any extra money. To be considered you need to apply before the deadline indicated above.

There will be other scholarships, with slightly later deadlines, that will cover all or part of the tuition fees and will be available to EU as well as non-EU. The details of these scholarships will be known later in the year, but if you are interested we advise applying before the end of 2013, and indicating whether you need financial support.

The city of Bath is outstandingly beautiful – the only city in the UK to be recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It contains two universities and a lively high tech startup community with frequent social events in town. By train, Bath is 1 hour 30 minutes West of London, 1 hour 20 minutes from Oxford, and 15 minutes East of Bristol. These and other nearby cities and their Universities provide exceptional resources for academics, as well as further culture and entertainment beyond Bath's own facilities.

In addition to the group's own expertise, Bath offers collaborations and affiliations both within Bath and to other leading universities, for example:

To obtain more information and to apply, please follow the link above and choose the PhD programme in Computer Science. Feel free to contact Joanna Bryson (, or Julian Padget ( for any enquiries. (Marina De Vos is on leave through June 2014, but may also respond to queries when her schedule allows.)

Page author: Joanna Bryson
Page date: 20 November 2013