Vision, Video, and Graphics 2003










opening address

8:45 9:15


9:15 10:15:


key Note 1:

Steve Seitz

Frontiers in 3D Photography:  Reflectance and Motion

9:15 10:15:


key note 3:

Steve Feiner

User Interfaces for Mobile Augmented Reality Systems


session 1:

Virtual actors and studios


session 4:


10:15 10:35

C. Theobalt, M. Li, M.A. Magnor and H.-P. Seidel: A Flexible and Versatile Studio for Synchronized Multi-View Video Recording

10:15 10:35

J. Hyde and J.A. Robinson: Coding 3D Facial Models for Mugshot Applications

10:35 10:55

J. Starck and A. Hilton: Towards A 3D Virtual Studio for Human Appearance Capture

10:35 10:55

M.S. Lorenzo, J.D. Edge, S.A. King and S. Maddock: Use And re-use of Facial Motion Capture Data

10:55 11:15


10:55 11:15



Session 2:

Vision Methods 1


session 5:

Vision Methods 2

11:15 11:35

J.W. Mateer and J.A. Robinson: Semi-Automated Logging for Professional Media Applications

11:15 11:35

E. Vincent and R. Langaniere: Models From Image Triplets using Epipolar Gradient Features

11:35 11:55

A. Robles-Kelly and E.R. Hancock: An Eigenvector Method for Surface Recovery

11:35 11:55

J.F. Vigueras, M.-O Berger and G. Simon: Iterative Multi-Planar Camera Calibration: Improving stability using Model Selection

11:55 12:15

A. Baumberg, A. Lyons and R. Taylor: 3D S.O.M.-A commercial Software solution to 3D scanning

11:55 12:15

D.J. Johnston and A. Clark: A Vision-Based Location System using Fiducials

12:15 13:15:


Poster Session 1

J.M. Hasenfratz, M. Lapierr, J.-D. Gascuel and E. Boyer: Real-Time Capture, Reconstruction and Insertion into Virtual World of Human Actors


H. Cantzler and C. Hoile: A novel form of pointing device


E. Costanza and J.A. Robinson: A Region Adjacency Tree Approach to the Detection and Design of Fiducials


F. Labrosse: On the edition of images: selecting, cutting and filling-in


M. Robb, A.D. Spence, M.J. Chantler and M. Timmins: Real-Time Per-Pixel Rendering of Bump-mapped Textures Captured using Photometric Stereo


Jiacheng Tan and G. Clapworthy: Parameter acquisition of Geometric Primitives within Virtual Environments for Internet-Based Telerobotics

12:15 13:15:


Poster Session 2

J.M. Thorne and D.J. Chatting: Prometheus: Facial Modelling, Tracking and Puppetry


S. Kulkarni: Interpretation of Fuzzy Logic For Texture Queries in CBIR


R.J. Neagle, K. Ng and R.A. Ruddle: Studying The Fidelity Requirements for a Virtual Ballet Dancer


M. Patel, M. White, K. Walczak and P. Sayd: Digitisation to Presentation-Building Virtual Museums Exhibitions


E.Y.T. Ho: Applications of Clifford Algebra in Mixed Reality Environment


J.A. Robinson: Collaborative Vision and Interactive Mosaicing

13:15 14:15


13:15 14:15


14:15 15:15

key note 2:

Brian Barsky

Investigating Occlusion and Discretization Problems in Image-Based Blurring Techniques


session 6:

Texture and surface properties

14:15 14:35

A. Robles-Kelly and E.R. Hancock: Lambertian Correction for Rough and Specular Surfaces

14:35 14:55

O. Stahlhut: Extending Natural Textures with Multi-Scale Synthesis

14:55 15:55

S. Brooks, M. Cardle and N.A. Dodgson: Enhanced Texture Editing using Self Similarity


session 3:

Video and Animation

15:15 16:15:

key note 4:

Markus Gross

Efficient 3D Content Creation using Point Sampled Geometry

15:15 15:35

G. Daniel and M. Chen: Visualising Video Sequences using Direct Volume Rendering

15:35 15:55

M. Qi and P. Willis: Quasi-3D cell-based Animation

15:55 16:15

J. Collomosse and P. Hall: Cartoon-Style Rendering of Motion from Video

16:15 16:45



closing address





16:45 17:45

EPSRC convergence community session

Mark Hylton

Vince Osgood







VVG dinner