December 5th 2012 University of Bath Press Release

Is the pixel about to die?

On the left: image re-created from contours. On the right: contours representing the video.
Right-click-View or -Save the image to view at high definition

Researchers launching a new vector-based video codec this week are claiming their work will lead to the death of the pixel within the next five years

Read the full story in the News Release December 11th 2012.

View the movie Everything you see has been rendered from contours ... except for the final credits!

Professor Phil Willis
Department of Computer Science
University of Bath
Bath BA2 7AY

2012: The contour images paper

From 1984, the paper that started it all

1987 UltraPaint drawing program for creating hi-def images

1987 UltraPaint scan-converter to render hi-res images

2001 Textured images

2009 Patent