Project Members

Tom Crick, Martin Brain, Marina De Vos and John Fitch.


TOAST is a practical, extensible superoptimising system that uses the declarative logic programming language AnsProlog and answer set programming (ASP) as a modelling and computational framework. Superoptimisation is a different approach to optimising code, first proposed by Henry Massalin, that seeks to generate optimal sequences from the outset, rather than via incremental improvements.

We are currently able to superoptimise short acyclic code sequences for MIPS (R2000) and SPARC (V7 and V8) architectures; we are targetting new architectures, including ARM. We intend to release the TOAST codebase under the GNU General Public License (GPL) in the near future.


NEW: Test programs from the paper accepted for LPNMR'09.

Timings and graphs for searching for and verifying code sequences for a range of answer set solvers (July 2008).

Benchmarks from the ICLP 2006 paper.


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