Welcome to Sport Karate United Kingdom & Ireland (SKUKI)! Our federation is based on the principles of providing a non-political and supportive karate environment for our member clubs, irrespective of style or size. Predominantly consisting of university-based clubs in the UK and Ireland, we welcome applications or enquiries from similar non-political clubs or organisations who wish to focus on teaching karate and have a route to competing internationally in our national squad.

SKUKI is affiliated to the World Union of Karate-Do Organizations (WUKO).

WUKO European Championships 2008 poster
WUKO European Championships 2008 information

The 2nd WUKO European Karate Championships will be held on 21-25 May 2008 in Herstal, near Liege, Belgium.

SKUKI will be attempting to continue our European success by sending strong male and female squads - so put this date in your diary! More info to follow shortly...

WUKO World Championships 2007 poster
WUKO World Championships 2007 results

The 2nd WUKO World Karate Championships (seniors and veterans) was held on 20th-24th June 2007 in Torrent, near Valencia, Spain. The first world championships under the SKUKI banner was tough, but superb experience for all of the squad. With over 600 competitors from 33 different countries and 58 federations, the standard was very high.

SKUKI's squad of twelve placed 23rd overall, winning one bronze medal.

Federation Gold Silver Bronze
1. FESIK (Italy) 14 12 8
2. CBKI (Brazil) 7 4 7
3. FRK (Romania) 5 6 10
4. UNK (Portugal) 2 1 1
5. FEUAM (Spain) 3 5 9
23. SKUKI (England) 0 0 1

Medals were won in the following categories:

BRONZE Female Kata (Shorin-Ryu) Mayuri Patel

Full results: federation statistics, kata results, kumite results, overall results.

2007 SKUKI squad:

Male: Jim McCafferty, Charlie McMullan (both London), Tom Crick, James Brooks, Steve Healey, Ryan Scoats, Martin Carkett, James Adkins (all University of Bath), Yin Kwong (University of Glamorgan), Serkawt Khola (University of Kent)
Female: Mayuri Patel (London), Danielle Hancock (University of Bath)

WUKO European Championships 2006 poster
WUKO European Championships 2006 success

The first major tournament under the SKUKI banner has been a huge success, with the squad of ten placing fifth overall in the 1st WUKO European Karate Championships, St Pölten, Austria on 8th-11th June 2006. With over 250 competitors from 12 different countries and 18 federations, the standard was high.

Federation Gold Silver Bronze
1. FESIK (Italy) 18 10 9
2. FRK (Romania) 7 13 12
3. BMAF (Belarus) 3 3 2
4. UNK (Portugal) 2 1 1
5. SKUKI (England) 2 0 6

Medals were won in the following categories:

GOLD Male -70kg Kumite (Shobu Ippon) Jim McCafferty
GOLD* Male Kata (Shorin-Ryu) Jim McCafferty
GOLD Female Kata (Shorin-Ryu) Mayuri Patel
GOLD* Male Team Kata (Shorin-Ryu) Charlie McMullan, Jim McCafferty, Tom Crick
GOLD* Female Team Kata (Shorin-Ryu) Mayuri Patel, Anna Sanner, Jo Parmley
BRONZE Male +80kg Kumite (Shobu Sambon) Ruairi Dougal
BRONZE Male +70kg Kumite (Shobu Ippon) Charlie McMullan
BRONZE Female Openweight Kumite (Shobu Ippon) Mayuri Patel
BRONZE Female Openweight Kumite (Shobu Ippon) Anna Sanner
BRONZE Male Team Kumite (Shobu Ippon) Charlie McMullan, Jim McCafferty, Tom Crick, Ian Martin
BRONZE Female Team Kumite (Shobu Ippon) Mayuri Patel, Anna Sanner, Jo Parmley

*The disparity in medals won and officially awarded in the overall table is due to the entry size of the categories; hence not recorded as official European titles

Full results: federation statistics, results by category, results by federation, overall results.

2006 SKUKI squad:

Male: Jim McCafferty, Charlie McMullan (both London), Tom Crick, Ian Martin, James Brooks, Paul Morgan (all University of Bath), Ruairi Dougal (University of Ulster)
Female: Mayuri Patel (London), Anna Sanner, Jo Parmley (both University of Bath)

Name Position Contact
Professor Stephen Chan President (8th dan) president@skuki.org.uk
Tom Crick Chairman chairman@skuki.org.uk
James McCafferty Secretary secretary@skuki.org.uk
Dr Charles McMullan Squad Coach charles.mcmullan@skuki.org.uk

At present, the following clubs are affiliated of SKUKI:

University of Bath Karate Club (UBKC)
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS, University of London) Karate Club
Queens University of Belfast (QUB) Seidokan Karate Club
Nottingham University Karate Club (NUKC)
University of Kent Karate Club (UKKC)
Seidokan Karatedo & Kobudo Club, Northampton

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