How to get Course Material under Windows-XP?


1) Login on a Windows-XP PC:


Push the following keys at the same time:


Strg + Alt + Entf (for german keyboards)

(engl. keyboard: Ctrl + Alt + Del)


login: ...

password: ...


2) Start ‘Internet Explorer’ or 'Mozilla Firefox'  with double mouseclick on the icon on desktop

    -> You get the homepage of Dresden University of Technology,

         Faculty of Computer Science (change to English version):


- click on Institutes and Facilities


- change to the Homepage of International Center for Computational Logic:


- click now on the links:

  Study, International MSc, For Current Students, Courses, LP Engineering

  and under Additional information you find the course references 


- here you can get the tasks of practical sessions (e.g. Practical 1) and the needed databases (e.g. ).


- save this database into your home directory h: using the Total Commander

  or the Windows-XP Explorer.


- At the course webpage you also can find a Prolog Course and Prolog-Software for downloading.


- Start with Hints: How to run SWI-Prolog under Windows in the computer laboratory?